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Selecting Supplements
​Everyone claims to make quality supplements but do they really?  One thing we discovered is that most companies do not test their supplements regularly.  How do we know this?  Complete Nutrition has contacted numerous companies through the years and requested product assays of various supplements from each company.  An assay will show that what is on the label is what is in the bottle including ingredients, potencies, binders, and fillers. Only a small percent of the companies responded to our requests ( a number of them sent brochures and product information instead of what we requested) and of the ones that actually sent assays, many were outdated, sometimes as much as 5 years.

With supplements, binders and fillers can often be more important than the actual therapeutic ingredient(s) in the product.  The reason for this is that the cheaper supplement manufacturers use binders and fillers that are meant to "preserve" the supplement well past the normal life expectancy of the product.  Sounds like a good idea except now the product is preserved from you using it.  Your digestive system is unable or has difficulty separating the ingredients from the binders and fillers.  If your body cannot access the nutrition in the product, then the product is worthless to you or worse, a stress to your system.

So, maybe you might consider liquid supplements.  Many companies promote the idea that liquid supplements are absorbed better than tablets and capsules.  As a general rule this is not true.  First, bad ingredients can be put into liquid form and still offer little or no benefit.  Second, quality supplement manufacturers make supplements guaranteed to break down in 15 minutes or less after taking them.   Also, some supplement ingredients should not be stored in liquid form.  These products are meant to be consumed at the time they are added to water or a liquid, otherwise the product itself can change or deteriorate. Finally, it costs more $$$ to ship liquids.  The bottles are larger than the average pill bottle and the increase in weight (because it is in liquid form) increases the shipping costs which in turn causes a higher cost of the product.  To compensate for this you will often see cheaper ingredients in liquid supplements to help keep the price of the product within reason.

This is not to say that all liquid supplements are bad.  Some liquid supplements are made well and there are many circumstances when it is desirable for a supplement to be in liquid form. ​

Diet and Exercise
For optimum health, diet and exercise are also recommended in addition to nutritional supplements.  For regular customers or first time customers with a nominal purchase, this service is free.   
Many people who decide to take nutritional supplements to help manage their health are taking too many supplements or the wrong combination of supplements.   Just because something is called "natural" does not necessarily mean your body wants it.  And if your body does not want it then it becomes a stressor .... at least in a small way .... because your body has to use resources ( and energy ) to remove it.  And this can also apply to taking too much of the right supplements.   More is not always better.

The proper combining of supplements and ingredients is a major concern few people consider.  This can especially be seen in some of the wide array of supplement formulas that are now available on the market.  Ingredients can work against each other, potencies can be improperly balanced, and supplements taken for one health issue can be detrimental to another health issue in the same person.   

Everyone is selling supplements these days......which ones work.......many claims are made........who is telling the truth?   Through the years Complete Nutrition has acquired the resources, knowledge, and discernment to sift through the information concerning natural health supplements in order to get a grasp of what supplements really can make a difference. From this comes experience as repeat purchases and customer feedback provide the final seal of approval on what products really do help.  
Medical science states that 80 to 90 percent of illness is either caused by our thoughts or is greatly influenced by it through the mind - body connection.  The evidence of this is becoming indisputable.   Even more significant are the testimonies of the many who have been healed of illnesses instead of managing them through medications (and health supplements). If you are interested in discussing this please stop by and visit us at Complete Nutrition.  (Due to the volume of requests for information we are unable to discuss this or other health questions over the phone.)
Please note we do not discuss nutritional supplements or health issues over the phone.